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About Us

Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ is an inclusive organization designed to promote camaraderie and connection throughout communities.

PRESS on our founding organization:

North Shore Weekend May '22

North Shore Moms Oct '22

Sheridan Road Magazine Dec'19

North Shore Weekend Dec '19

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Our Mission

At Kenilworth Cookbook Club™, we believe gathering as a community and creating connections with others improves your physical health and mental and emotional well-being. In a screen-obsessed world, it is more important than ever to connect with those around you. And what brings us all together? A common interest in food and drink. 

Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ provides an opportunity for people who are passionate about cooking and food to come together and share their interests with like-minded individuals. It offers a chance to learn new cooking techniques, discover new ingredients and flavors, and expand your culinary knowledge in a supportive and collaborative environment.


Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ is also a great way to socialize and have fun with friends and family in your community, make new connections, and can be a way to break out of the usual routine of cooking and eating at home. By gathering together to share food/drink and conversation, Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ members build strong relationships and create memorable experiences.

Our First Meet-Up
"Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ started out as a simple way to make friends. It has since blossomed into a mainstay in our community. It brings us all together. No matter if you're a C-suiter, a SAHM, an empty nester, a new mom, single, married - we all gather to connect and feast together."

- Allison McEntee, our Founder, Kenilworth Cookbook Club™

"So, what happens at Kenilworth Cookbook Club?"

We meet every month.

The host selects the cookbook and opens their home to the community.

The guests select a recipe from the cookbook and prepare a dish for the event.


We gather to share our creations, feast together and create long-lasting relationships.


And yes - if you can't cook, don't want to, or just have zero time, join us anyways! Maybe bring wine? All are welcome.

Contact Us

Allison McEntee, Founder


Valerie Gaines, Treasurer

Shannon Stoelting, Development

Ruth Flaherty, Test Kitchen


It's proven - connecting with others is an intrinsic, human need. Your generosity supports meaningful connections throughout communities. Support our work with a donation today!

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