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Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ is designed to inspire connection and camaraderie throughout communities. Apply to become an Ambassador and build your own Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ in your community today.

Apply to become an Ambassador

A connected community fosters a sense of belonging, improves communication and collaboration, and promotes camaraderie throughout. As a Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ Ambassador, you become the conduit for a stronger, healthier, more prosperous community. 

Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ Ambassador


What is the role of a Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ Ambassador?

Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ Ambassador represents their community by leading a series of IRL (in-real-life) experiences. As an Ambassador, you will be in charge of:

  • Securing event hosts for meet-ups and building a calendar of experiences for the community

  • Leading communications among your community detailing upcoming events, local happenings, food news and cookbook selections

  • Sharing content across Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ social channels 

  • Serving as your community's main point of contact for HQ

What are the benefits for a Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ Ambassador?

Expect to receive a range of benefits, including:

  • The Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ Playbook - a "how to guide" for creating your own Cookbook Club in your community. You'll learn how to get started, how to promote, and how to maintain interest among your community. You'll also gain answers to our most FAQs to help make hosting easy - everything from how to set-up, music playlists, to conversation starters.

  • Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ suggested programming and resources, including cookbook releases from leading publishers and chefs, food trends and recipes.

  • Ability to manage your community's Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ social media outlets

  • Exclusive access to Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ Ambassador merchandise

  • Ability to test and assess new recipes and products from our brand partners

  • Invitations to large-scale Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ tentpole events and retreats

  • Access to a built-in community of like-minded individuals and community influencers

Do Ambassadors have licensing rights to use the Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ name?

As an Ambassador, you agree to represent the Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ brand honorably and respectfully. All content created as a result of a Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ experience is property of Cookbook Club, LLC. The license agreement renews every year.

How often are events?

Each community is expected to host a Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ event once per month, every month. Events are generally held on Thursday or Friday evenings.

Can there be more than one Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ in my community?

It depends on the size of your "community." We prefer Ambassadors to lead micro-communities vs overseeing large cities. For example, we're interested in Ambassadors in Wicker Park or Lincoln Park vs. Chicago. 

What does HQ look for in a Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ Ambassador?

Here are five (5) qualities:

  • You're a connector: you love to bring people together, make memories and create a sense of community

  • You're a do-er: organizing a Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ is a big responsibility and involves many moving pieces. Motivation and a willingness to get things done is a big part of making it work.

  • You're a communicator: a key part of your role is communicating effectively, timely, and positively to your community. Having an influential and vulnerable voice in your communication style is essential.

  • You're a giver: it takes a certain personality to successfully lead a community, maintain interest and inspire action. This Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ isn't about you - it's about bringing people together and creating connections for others.

  • You're inclusive: the best part about Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ is when diverse groups of people come together with one single purpose - to feast. Everyone is invited to Cookbook Club and inclusivity is at our core.

Is applying first-come, first-served?

No, not necessarily; however, we do recommend applying as soon as you can. If we find a candidate we really like, we’ll grant them the Ambassador role.

Is there a fee to become an Ambassador?

Yes, we charge a one-time $50 processing fee for applying to become a Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ Ambassador.

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