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You're the guest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ Ambassador will be your guide to attending events, but here's a list of FAQs to help. 

Guest responsibilities:

>> Bring a dish from the cookbook (or theme) the host selected

>> Be punctual, 7pm is the start time. Introductions start at 7:45pm

>> And remember, if you can't cook, don't want to cook, or just don't have the time, we hope you can still join us. Maybe bring wine?!

Email us if you have any outstanding questions before you arrive.

Dish Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ Cooking Gathering Friends Food Recipe

Selecting and Preparing
Your Dish

The recipe you choose depends on your level of expertise and your availability. If you're a pro, be daring and create something to impress, or perhaps even try something new. Yes - we said it, try something you've never done before. We're inclusive of all successes and failures in the kitchen.

And your availability the day-of the event is also a key factor. If you know you'll be swamped that week, make something ahead of time and store it. Desserts are often great make-ahead options.

No need to triple/quadruple the serving size for the event. Just follow the recipe from the cookbook as written.

Bringing Your Dish

The day has come and it's the night of the event. Here are some guidelines:

  • Plan to bring your prepared dish in the serving platter you will showcase. Your host may have serve ware to share, but the presentation of your recipe is up to you.

  • If your recipe needs to be served warm, bring it warm. There's no guarantee your host will be able to fire up the oven.

  • You're responsible for bringing home your empty platter. Any left overs are for the host.

Dish Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ Cooking Gathering Friends Food Recipe
Drink Sampler
Instagram Social Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ Cooking Gathering Friends Food Recipe

Share on Social

You prepared, you planned, and you executed - share your masterpiece on Instagram and tag @kenilworthcookbookclubWe'll repost and share to our community. We can't wait to see your creations!

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