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You're the host.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ Ambassador will be your guide to hosting, but here's a list of FAQs to help. 


Host responsibilities:

>> Picking the cookbook or culinary theme (i.e., soups, breakfast, Spanish cuisine)

>> Opening up your home or preferred venue to the community

>> Providing the beverages (non-alcoholic and alcoholic), tablewares, and lively music

Email us if you have any outstanding questions before you host.

Tableware Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ Cooking Gathering Friends Food Recipe


It's better to have more than less when it comes to wares. 

  • Plates - choose clear or white, or go with a color to match your theme. Keep it simple and let the food take centerstage.

  • Forks, Knives, Spoons - yes, all of them

  • Serving Spoons and Tongs - you'll need more than you think

  • Place cards and pens - for guests to name their dish

  • Cups - 10-12oz, clear, disposable cups work across all beverage types: wine, cocktails, water, etc. We'd also suggest disposable 2oz cups for soups (easy sampling).

  • Name tags - up to you and your community, but some groups love them

Location, Location, Location

Think about your guests and how they will enter your home or venue. Where they place their dish, hang their coat, and walk through your home. It's best to have an idea of the guest flow. Our suggestions:

  • Have a large table reserved for guests to place their dishes and a small side table for desserts. Feel free to use placemats for warm dishes to protect your tables.

  • Guests always gather where the beverages are (typically in the kitchen), so make sure it's a spacious spot. Your beverages and the dishes may not be in the same room, and that's okay.

  • Depending on the size of your Cookbook Club, think about where guests will sit to enjoy the meal. Either at a single table, a banquet, or several tables within your home. 

Location Kitchen Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ Cookign Gathering Friends Food
Drink Sampler
Bar Batch Cocktail Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ Cookign Gathering Friends Food


It's best to have a range of beverage options for your guests. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and water is a must. To keep it easy on both you and your guests, batch a cocktail that emulates your theme. Guests will love it, and so will you (you do not want to be making cocktails all night). Here are the basics:

  • Use a beverage dispenser with a spout (glass or acrylic)

  • If your drink is a fruity one, freeze some of the fruit the night before. It'll look great floating in the drink and will keep the drink cold without diluting it. 

  • Depending on your crowd, you may want to make a backup batch as well, waiting for you in the fridge. As the first batch finishes, you'll be the envy of everyone with the second batch ready to go.

  • Batching cocktails is an art, and honestly, there's no perfect large-scale recipe. In our opinion, it's a balance of sweet and sour/spice and a little sparkling for intrigue. Here's one of our favorite batched cocktails:​​

Ranch Water, batched (makes 12 cocktails):

1 bottle tequila (750 ml)
6 oz fresh lime juice (yes, freshly squeezed is a must)
5 oz simple syrup (yes, you can omit if you'd like, but we like)
12oz sparkling water (Topo Chico is a fave)

  • Freeze lime wedges the night before and toss into the batch to keep the beverage cold

  • Have your guests help themselves, pour over ice and enjoy!


It's all in the details.

These may seem like minor things (or even common sense to some), but here's a quick checklist to review before your event begins:

  • Your Trash - always start an event with an empty trash can. No one wants to smell it, see it, and you'll need the space as your events progresses. And quick tip - put an empty bag at the bottom of the garbage bin. When the first full trash gets pulled out, you're ready to go with your next bag.

  • Your Bathroom - make sure it's clean, stocked with soap, towels, and toilet paper. Guests may be nosy (it's human nature), so remove anything you don't want anyone to see. 

  • Open It Up - turn on the lights and open your doors. Ensure your home is inviting for guests. Open your beverages as well. If the wine isn't uncorked, no one will open it. Similar to a wedge of cheese, if it hasn't been cut, no one wants to be the first to slice it.

  • Turn It On - turn on your music playlist. Loud enough to notice and set the mood, but not too loud you can't hear your guests speak.

Sharing is caring.

Our hosts have such creative ideas, and we'd like to share them with you - purely as inspiration. By no means are these mandates, but just ways hosts have leveled up their events in the past. Email us and share your ideas too!

  • Talent - some live events have included the cookbook author, either live or via FaceTime. It's an exciting element to add for your guests, and an opportunity to share your POV on the recipes with the author directly. 

  • Waitstaff - it's up to you, but some hosts have hired bartenders and/or servers to help ease the anxiety of the evening. It's a stress relief for hosts, and it upgrades the experience for the guests. Absolutely NOT a requirement for Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ events, but an option if you're thinking about it.

  • Topics of Conversation - incorporating a conversation starter, or topic into your event may be appealing to your guests. Kenilworth Cookbook Club™ events bring like-minds together, connecting over food and drink, so it's a natural environment for a lively discussion on a subject matter important to your community.

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